Saturday, March 2, 2019


It takes great personal character to obstruct management when they are wrong. These people rarely make it to vice president, general or admiral.


Robert the Biker said...

As usual, bollocks on stilts! Any Engineer in any discipline with even a modicum of safety consciousness could have developed a cheap, fast test for those O rings at varying temperature gradients from say freezing to 100 Fahrenheit to at least give an idea of varying performance between different batches at different temperatures. That way, you have a go/no go result to give management and TELL them it will fail, based on fact, not opinion! How do I know? I work in Oil and Gas and had to do this for HSE as an exercise, bean counters never believe engineers until we show it in triplicate. A fast and dirty test took ten minutes! A fully functioning replicable one took six hours! How many YEARS did these dick heads know there was a problem?

HMS Defiant said...

I will grant this one the saving grace that they did not ever expect ice at Cape Canaveral. That's probably hard to swallow from a Utah based company but still this was the man that tried to get NASA to understand that they were embracing destruction by going ahead with a FUCKING SCHEDULE.

NASA was doomed to destruction by its management team and philosphy. I worked very briefly for General Bolden and when they made him NASA Administrator I laughed my head off, sadly, because I knew then that NASA was doomed. I knew Bolden in Qatar when he boiled ashore to take charge of a negligent discharge of a SAW. What a jerk.

capt fast said...

I found NASA management to be living in a fairytale land. on several shuttle launches involving air force assets, we were assigned to provide airborne radar surveillance coverage from an offshore position. all well and good as far as we were concerned. MCC was informed of several inbound low level targets entering the controlled airspace at the KSC area. and guess what. they had zero assets on hand to intercept and identify.they did not wish to "clutter up the airspace with armed fighters". seriously, it was in the frag. somewhere is a video of a light aircraft overflying the launch pad shortly before a launch. we knew he was there, just couldn't do damn all about him.
we questioned this during debrief by NASA and the end result was the elimination of the surveillance requirement.
our takeaway from this was NASA won't stand for anyone using critical thinking to disagree with a management position on almost any subject. lately, I have not seen any thing that changes that.

HMS Defiant said...

Nope and watching NASA's latest moves to try to disqualify testing for manned launches by private companies, it is just getting worse. James Hansen doen't help any given the fact the he perverted NASA temp/climate databases for years in order to help create the hoax called global warming and NASA administrators did nothing at all to stop him.