Monday, March 4, 2019


I remember some things from the schools the Navy sent me to. I was sent twice to the Navy schools on CMS management. The school taught us a little bit about how to manage to stay on top of the Russians who were reading all of our encrypted messages courtesy of dozens, if not scores of guys just like us managing navy secure communications. Each was one week of bent reality each time. It was all about Crypto Management Security.

They started the course by saying destroy these records after 90 days---always, 90 days
They moved on to say to destroy these other records annually and not one day after
Then they finished with the ones that must be kept 3 years and THEN DESTROYED

You see, by the limits of CMS 4K or CMS 4L those were the rules.

Nobody, not DIRNSA or CNO could ask you to produce records to incriminate you after their destruction dates even on their best day with a willing court IF YOU COMPLIED WITH THE DESTRUCTION MANDATES laid out by the Director of National Security (DIRNSA) or Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). Heady powers were we young ensigns given to destroy stuff. They also wanted us to destroy the crypto keys, cards, etc but that was purely secondary to destroying the records of destruction of the keys, crypto, etc.

Nobody getting a request for documents from this Congress of Shame should have any records at all by this point. They knew the instant the Democrats won the House what would follow and there is no shame in pointing out that you simply recycled all your paper files into mulch and saved the megabytes (who are vanishing at a rapid pace which should be looked into by Congress) by freeing up space for them on your corporate, personal or shared drives.

One has to admire those who hold with the idea that persistence of data is a right not to be tarnished. I wonder how many of the great speeches or plays of ancient Greece, Carthage, Rome or Atlantis were purged shortly before the Inquisition or its predecessors came calling and demanded a look see in the name of some commissar looking to send some people to the gulag.

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