Wednesday, March 13, 2019


It was Heinlein but still the fact that the utter boobs at DOJ and FBI tracked down some non-criminals at the heart of their latest scatter of idiocy is profoundly troubling. They treat it as the crime of the century, just as they have treated the entirely bogus investigation into President Trump's so called collusion, which, again, is not a crime and never happened anyway. Yet they pervasively failed to investigate the real crimes of Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills and all the other dirtbags that left their names, calling cards and fingerprints on every single classified email that Hillary Clinton got on her private non-SIPR, not NSAnet account.


capt fast said...
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capt fast said...

the FBI and DOJ behavior after 2015 is interesting. the really interesting thing is that the basic behavioral changes in the two happened during the Bill Clinton administration (using rules established during GHW Bush's time) with the insertion of democrat operatives into leadership roles normally occupied by the dedicated long term bureaucrats the agencies had been noted for. those leadership positions extend well down into the lowest ranks of special agents and career civil service employees.
once those law enforcement offices were politicized, there will be no changes to be seen in how the federal law enforcement operates. they are like persistent ticks in the mattress, the only thing you dan do
about them is to get a new mattress. what you see now is how it will be in the future.
the new "normal" is using law enforcement to affect politics. From the outside looking in, we see an effect similar to the law enforcement of totalitarian regimes we have known in the past and present. No one is willing to call them on any obvious abuse of power or distortion of law. Least of all the mainstream media. Which is the only reason a "free press" is called for in our U.S. Constitution.
the outrageous use of totally unnecessary excessive force and marked increase of "showmanship and perp walks" since the first passage of the Patriot Act is an example of this. An Act which we citizens should take a very close look at with a critical eye. it may have been not a good thing for U.S. citizens. Make your own minds up but, do your own research of facts and do not take anyone's opinion out of hand. Just look at the facts of how this Patriot Act has been used so far. We are not in a declared war, yet the Congress saw fit to treat U.S. citizens as a threat, not to the country but to the government itself, by abrogating our rights under the Constitution.
And the Congress, people we voted for, continue to reaffirm this act because those self same bureaucrats find it easier to control the public than to do the job of enforcing ALL the laws we the people pay them to do. Our governments are totally out of control of the people.
It is supposed to be a government of, by and for the people. not the other way around.
opinions are worth only what you paid for it. God knows, I've paid dearly for it so far.

HMS Defiant said...

I agree. The other troubling aspect was the politization of the military. By law the services must send to Congress those selected for flag or general but as one gets to the 3 and 4 star levels it became clear after Wesley Clark that politics alone played the factor in his selection for 3 and 4 stars and he wasn't the first and certainly not the last. The last 5 CNOs and most of their coterie were totally political/but uselessly animals. Just look at the LCS and ZUMWALT and the new carrier that is completely useless. Naturally, without having figured out to fix the catapult, arrestors or any of the other problems they decided to order 2 more of them immediately. There's something very wrong in DC.