Wednesday, March 27, 2019


I find that I'm no longer willing to give any credence to any claim by anybody that they are/were the victim of any kind of racial hate crime. It's become apparent over the last decade that most of the so-called hate-crimes are nothing but hoaxes perpetuated on the so-called victim by the victim. In other words it's all a big scam.

What the State's Attorney in Chicago did yesterday was simply pave the path leading all of us to the conclusion that so-called hate crimes are utterly meaningless and far too trivial to prosecute. OK. I can live with that from now on. I just don't want to hear about these so-called crimes anymore.

One of the things those twits in Chicago seem to have forgotten though is that when it becomes clear that there is different law or no law then the vigilantes start to crop up. It is ALWAYS a bad idea to poison the notion that we are a nation of laws that apply to all and that some people are above the law. We've already gone pretty far down that route with the failure to hold Hillary Clinton to the same standards or even the same appearance of standards which all other holders of a security clearance are held. She got away with all kinds of crimes and so did Cheryl Mills her chief of staff and every single person whose name appeared as a sender to her account of any email containing classified material.

Somebody in her office took those email off the secret or top secret networks, recorded it to a portable memory, connected it to an unclassified computer and transmitted it in the clear to an unprotected server. All those people should still be in jail now.

The FBI and CIA have just about ruined themselves in their pursuit of a coup attempt aimed at overthrowing President Trump and all of those people belong in jail too.

Justice is really beginning to look very 3rd World around these parts and that's a shame.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

It boggles the mind, that in a country that follows the rule of law, Hillary Clinton is not in prison.

HMS Defiant said...

You start at the beginning of all the crimes she is/was so obviously guilty of and you have to wonder just what kind of stupid moron voted for her in her Senate race or for president. She is a crook and a fairly stupid one at that.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

One wonders just how so many people just ignored her lying. They so value the narrative, that they can ignore the source?

HMS Defiant said...

The thing is, the media simply don't report on the crimes of democrats and since the democrats only follow things like Politico, CNN, MSNBC, they remain as ignorant as a new born baby.

Wow! I wrote babe and then rethought because I've never seen a democrat babe anywhere.