Saturday, March 23, 2019


It is 1300 Eastern Time and some 18 hours since the Witchfinder General turned in the report of his witchfinders to the Attorney General and yet, for some reason, El Jefe (bottom of my blog roll over there on the right side) has not peeped up to say anything about it on twitter. For a man accused so often of being graceless I find it fascinating that he hasn't pounced on the news that the Witchfinder General seeks no further indictments. Of course, that may be because as with so many things, the media doesn't know what they're talking about and President Trump is going to wait until all the facts are known before he comments.

Having written that, I'll bet he posted something while I was writing this.


  1. I hope he emerges victorious, when this whole affair is over, and the Democrats who started it all, have been taken down to the zoo, fed to the yaks.

  2. it is a auspicious time to reassemble the time machine in the basement and fast fwd to October to see what is to be

    1. sssshhhhhssss. we don't talk about the time machine.