Tuesday, March 5, 2019


California poltroon insists President Trump stop trying to take back our money from their rail ponzi scheme by saying it will end with the rail ponzi scheme having to fire 2600 "workers". These are the people that the left consider woke. I wonder if we speak the same language sometimes.

Yes, I want to stop paying those diseased bastards a salary to not build a railroad to nowhere.


  1. here in colorado, the same type of self-serving jackasses want to build a six lane thruway from NM to Wy so as to "relieve congestion on the interstate". to the tune of $1.33 million dollars per 100 feet of highway. and that doesn't include allowances for purchasing right of way or maintenance and upkeep, at all.
    time and again, I have spoken to my neighbors that if they vote for the democrat then they abrogate their right to complain about tax increases of all manner. there is a consequence to a vote. I keep hearing the refrain "we didn't vote for this, we didn't know". it is so bloody sad all I can do is laugh.
    the real shame is all the ex-californians moving here and bringing all their "progressive" ideas with them. when I asked why they left CA they all say the taxes were high and illegals too many. these are the same ones who voted in all these totalitarian leftist socialists stalinists into the legislature who love to raise taxes. pardon me. whe have TABOR here. that would be "fees" and "adjustments" not taxes. taxes has to be referred to a popular vote here, fees and adjustments do not. legislature pretty much ignores it.

    1. Shooting them is too good for them.

    2. I am happy that my morals prevent such actions. I don't know which I would shoot first, the people who voted these poltroons into office or the anal politicians themselves. do them both, drop on them from orbit; just to be sure, I guess.

  2. I lived, as you might have guessed, in the darkosphere that is Californiastan for about 30 years, off and on when I wasn't in Korea or the Middle East on 'business'. I lived in Oakland, Emeryville, San Diego, Encinitas, Solana Beach and even for a time in Chula Vista plus onboard navy ships from time to time. Can I just say that I am NOT a Californian and that those total losers are foreign to me. There is something very very wrong there but.

    I remember visiting a friend in Coronada at his parents house shortly before he married a nice Catholic girl and went off to medical school after 5 years in the Navy and we were sitting by the side of the pool and he reached up over his head to pluck an orange off the tree.

    Now Conan knew a thing or two and yes, some of it sounds good but being able to stretch just a little bit on a Sunday morn to get an orange right off the tree next to your nice inviting swimming hole in Coronado........

    As I recall, later that day we got in my car, drove to Long Beach Navy Base, rented their 27 foot sailboat, sailed to Avalon and had lunch shortly before scuba diving for abilone.

    It was a little surreal to live there for that long....