Wednesday, January 3, 2018


President Trump has honored the United States by slashing funding for the Pakistani terror state and it is most likely just the start of a major re-evaluation of our foreign aid policy. Our aid policy in the past was largely driven by State Department weasels and their lackeys in the Foreign Service and USAID. What each of those petty bureaucrats wanted/needed/lusted after was a larger and larger budget because it was the amount of money at one's disposal that established one's position in the organization that formerly represented US interests abroad but which was hijacked decades ago to save the PLO and the arabs from themselves and to masque our complete indifference to anything in Africa below the Sahara Desert.

President Trump came out and said that we were taking names on the Jerusalem vote and it now appears to the duller people who are alleged to follow policy, that he meant what he said when he said there would be consequences. I anticipate a number of other countries are going to see our aid $ to them slashed by an administration that can, at best, be described as militantly indifferent to the size of some State Department bureaucrats office based on his control of a Congressional funding stream.

I expect Congress and the lawyers to take the matter to Court. I don't exactly see how they can force the Executive Branch to spend money even if Congress has appropriated it. As far as I know, there is nothing that compels the President to spend money he is unwilling to spend for the purposes for which it was appropriated. He simply has to return it to Congress and urge them to try harder next year.

We started this crazy plan to line dictator's pockets with our money back during the Cold War and the Cold War is over. We really don't need to care at all if anybody in France or Pakistan likes us. By the way, for the stupid out there who don't already know this, almost nobody in France or Pakistan likes us at all. Hate might be the more accurate word.  Everyone knows you cannot buy friendship. It's time we got out of that stupid racket and invested that money in our infrastructure and R&D.

Oh, and if I was that interested in seeing how the world is shaping up in the next few years? I'd take a look at Trump industries and see if I could follow the flow of their investments. If they appear to be making major investments in resort properties and selling off assets in places like DC and New York I'd take it like a sign from the Almighty that our laughable intel services are picking up signs and warnings of a pending WMD attack on the major cities on the east and west coast.


OldAFSarge said...

Well overdue!

HMS Defiant said...

Yep, it's time to send our message out again and forget the lame signaling of the last 28 years.