Friday, January 2, 2015


Andrew Klavan gets the warheads on foreheads. A lot of conservatives drop the ball when they speak about the Speaker. They miss the subtle underlying sharkness. Boehner and McConnell play the Congress like Yo Yo Ma plays the fiddle or something.
You can’t get more anti-government than Ayn Rand, so here’s Jack Wakeland writing from an Objectivist perspective on the sequester Boehner stuffed down the president’s throat: “The sequester is the only policy that has reduced spending by the federal government. In fiscal year 2013, total federal spending decreased 1.5% to 2.0% in real, inflation-adjusted dollars. And it promises to do so again in 2014. The FY 2013 sequester is the first time in my lifetime that federal spending shrank in absolute terms. After the ramp-down from WWII, the only decreases in federal spending were decreases as a percentage of GDP, e.g., during the Clinton-Gingrich term in 1995-96. These occurred only because GDP expanded more quickly than spending.”
You never read about it in the press because they are the ones most often spitted and roasted by happy warriors on the rethuglican side.

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