Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The heart of the intolerance of muslims living in the West and elsewhere has to do with who funded the madrassas that trained all these western hating clerics running wild all over the world. Most of their funding came from Saudi Arabia and arabians living there and the rest came from the Emirates. One way to demonstrate universal disapproval of this sort of behavior would be to seize all their assets located in the West overnight. All their villas in Capri and the cote d'Azure gone overnight along with all their investments and money held by banks in the West.

Think of the trillions of dollars that could be squeezed out of the islamic supporters of terrorism and jihadism in the West! Who keeps sending money to boko haram to buy guns and ammunition? Who keeps sending money to the Taliban to buy guns and ammunition? Who keeps sending money to the families of suicide bombers in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria?

Don't think it can happen? Look at who seized/nationalized all Western assets throughout North Africa and the Middle East.


Anne Bonney said...

"A modest proposal." Still cheeky, I see. When do you poke back; when do the bombs start dropping; how do you manage the interval?

virgil xenophon said...

OT, but I left a somewhat humorous story of my own on the Mon, 5 Jan "Wake Up Call" post. Sorry to have been late..

HMS Defiant said...

Blame overeager subordinates? :)