Monday, January 12, 2015


The same tortured analysts who constructed a vision that justifies Holder, Homeland Security and the President's refusal to obey the Law by citing prosecutorial discretion and insufficient resources, are going to see in a few weeks what failure to enforce the Law means if NYPD officers continue too refuse to write summons for the tens of thousands of misdemeanors every day they formerly strictly enforced in order to bring order and some decency to the cesspit known as New York City. They used to enforce a lot of laws but they did it for two reasons: I believe they did it because they knew it was a primary source of revenue for the city and thus for job protection but also because it became clear that if they kept the lid on all the little felons they wouldn't grow into big, dangerous, scary felons.

The federal law has completely collapsed on immigration as the feds follow a policy of total non-enforcement. It is having an immensely destructive effect on all the states in the Southwest from Texas to California. If the NYPD continues to follow their own lead and stop citing perverts, jaywalkers, window washmen, smokers, illegal gun possession, window breakers, etc, will New York turn back into the sewer that it used to be? Will urban blight return overnight to all the gentrified oases.

It will be interesting to find out. OTOH, while I don't believe that most NYPD live anywhere near the districts they patrol it is generally a bad thing to foul your own nest and they live in the city. On the gripping hand, they mostly live, I hear, in Staten Island. The other Burroughs can go hang.

It is not a pleasant laughter. Not at all.

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