Thursday, January 22, 2015


Eric Worrall says it pretty well but without the irony:
In 2013, NASA decided to take time out from creating spectacularly useless climate models, and reactivated their Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer programme. The result is moderately terrifying – 8 previously unknown near Earth asteroids with catastrophic impact potential have been discovered, along with a host of smaller bodies which have the potential to wipe out a city.
As with global warming and dogs, one wonders why people bother. With the best telescopes, all the money in the universe and an army of slaves, if you saw a killer planetoid speeding directly towards an earth shattering collision, what the hell would you do about it? Global warming/cooling? We're talking about a whole entire planet. When you think you have an idea how gigantic that is, hop on a plane at SFO and fly to Japan. NIMBYs have no idea how big a planet is.

Ever wonder what a dog is going to do with a car once he chases it down and bites it?

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