Monday, January 12, 2015


The light-worker is being roundly castigated by the press because he refused to appear alongside 40 leaders in a meaningless march through Paris. Well enough, but consider; the security services of the United States advise people like him on real and unreal things that concern them about the safety and security of both the country and our royal family. One thing you can bet they told him was that the security services and the Army of France were thoroughly penetrated by muslims and that there was absolutely no way in hell to guarantee the safety of any royals or vice royals sent to march alongside the likes of those that showed up in Paris.

It's also worth considering that the only way the disgraced American Secret Service would tolerate allowing his holiness to attend that rally was if they could flood the city of Paris, secure the entire route which means metal detectors and frisking all million marchers and vetting and locking down every sniper venue along the route.

Not going to happen. Plus, I'm sure that some Jackal close at hand was mentioning the Day of the Jackal plot to his magnificence and suggesting he take the better course of indecision and play golf at Pebble Beach instead.

I'm sure Obama was happy to go along with the suggestion and I'm sure he suggested Biden stand in for him and I'm sure Biden, who gets the same sort of information from our vaunted security services, mentioned that he had a previous tanning salon appointment and must therefore decline the kind offer.


NavyDavy said...

Perhaps a threesome with Holder and Kerry(VN Vet).

HMS Defiant said...

At some point our muslims are going to wake up and realize that every time they put their little feelers out sniffing for somebody who has some good explosives, detonators or rockets, that they're dealing with the FBI or ATF undercover clowns. Next they're going to try to import their own or maybe smuggle in one of Palestines better bomb makers....oh yeah they were FBI or ATF undercover agents too. At some point all those muslim college students will wake up and discover that if they really apply themselves very hard that they could pass courses in chemistry, electronics and aerodynamics and discover the wonders of waging drone warfare with chemical weapons made at home. You know, design (rip off) a drone, buy a 3D printer and make drones, buy engines but build your own electronic/seeker package (aka GPS) and they're off to the vicinity of Reston and Silver Springs.
I'll grant you that's pretty unlikely. All of the smart muslims are on our side.