Thursday, January 22, 2015


The robber came into the chicken palace waving a firearm and demanding cash. The line attendants tried to satisfy his demands while I ate my dinner. At some point, the robber became frustrated and screamed that he was going to shoot hostages at which point, I hurled my salt shaker at his head. It took him down hard. I went over to him and was standing on his now disarmed hand when another customer picked up the gun and decided to rob on. She waved it at me and told me to shed my privilege and get off that boy's hand and then she started shooting. I bobbed and weaved and all 5 rounds from the revolver missed me, mostly, at which point I punched her into next week. She dropped the gun and as I watched in amazement, another man in the next booth pulled a gun and pointed it at me and told me to freeze.

I bent over, picked up the empty gun and threw it very hard at his head.

How many times do you read about anybody using a gun as a missile?

We aim to satisfy.

Now you have. I had fun writing that. Have a very good day.

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