Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It was my friend Reg who shared a room with me for 2 months in Seoul who did not share a room in Kuwait when we met each other again a few months later....The arab tailor in Bahrain made him what he asked for and gave him new name strips to sew onto his uniforms in Kuwait. His was a perfectly fine name but when translated in the lobby, it read NEEDPORK.

It was funny. We both specialized in a tiny aspect of war and so, for almost 2 decades we would show up and run into each other and he would wave and give a cheery, "hi Curt" and I would say, "hi Reg."

I've written here about another guy I used to keep bumping into. Every time we collided over the decades he assured me that he secured a gig that made him 'undeployable.' I always made it a point to say hi to him in Bahrain, Korea, San Diego, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the ships at sea.

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