Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I went there to find this. Because we think it is funny and captures my driving experiences through LA for almost 20 years. I really did not like driving through LA and tried to do it when most of them were fast asleep or passed out.

Sadly, those rotten bastards are almost always on the freeway....

and then I found this video next up in the cue of the tube of you.

I regret that I lost my lifelong respect for police but this one, he was good. He's the kind of lawman that I dealt with all my life. Good men. Doing their best under trying circumstances that I understand. The will to be stupid is almost overwhelming for some. After emptying a magazine at her, I'd have reloaded and shot her some more because she needs killing.

It amazes me, sadly, that even given every reason to feel the urge to kill, we suppress it.....a lot.

Don't worry. Still don't believe in no-knock raids and don't believe in police drive-by killings and I don't carry. Our freeways are dangerous enough. :)

UPDATE: This is actually a Zen video. Given your color of immunity and your apex predator status, what wouldn't you do that van load. This one never fired a shot.

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