Friday, January 9, 2015


There was another senseless murderous muslim atrocity yesterday but the people remain unarmed and unafraid.

They should really think about arming themselves.


A million were made and dropped for partisans. Under 3 bucks.
The "Liberator" was made for people disarmed by their government or conquerors (bloody nebulous distinction these days).

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Ex Bootneck said...

Fortunately the french are able to apply for a firearms licence (the exclusion being fully automatic rifles that only the bad guys are allowed!) though the good guys are able to purchase semi auto rifles for use in rural areas. I'll lay odds that firearms applications go through the roof after the events of recent days.

Not surprisingly quite a few of the 'Liberator's that were sent into China eventually found themselves being black marketed around Hong Kong. They were sometimes found on the 'smuggling junks' around Kowloon harbour. Quite a piece of history attached to such a little beast.