Monday, June 9, 2014


How bad must it be in Latin America that their children are flooding over the border into the United States? The US economy has been shrinking for about 7 years. Despite some of the most pathetic lies in our history about the economy improving, the real evidence suggests that it has not improved at all. Typically when the US economy catches a cold, the rest of the Americas get pneumonia.

I suspect that most of the kids who crossed the border came with the means to reach their aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins or their churches where they expect to be welcomed with open arms. I expect that their condition is no worse today than it was when immigrants flooded our shores from Europe for more than 3 centuries. There wasn't much of a social network to provide even minimum food or shelter then but still they came. Most of them were convinced that if they could make it here they would be better off than if they had stayed at home.

I imagine that the news people are serving up wonderful stories now about the favelas of Rio de Janeiro as the World Cup looms there and the incineration of the economies of places like Venezuela. They may be glossing over what is happening in Mexico in the hope that their same inadequate explanations about how well Mexico is doing economically are greeted with the same suspension of disbelief engendered in us by the imaginative fabrications they come up with to explain how well the US economy is doing. Besides, they'll observe, it's Bush's fault and Obamacare is a huge success and never mind that 20% who signed up so far probably don't have insurance because of glitches and that 40% or more of the rest simply documented their eligibility for Medicare.

I think there are probably a few unChristian Americans who are thinking that the kids should all be returned to sender. That will probably happen with a few of the ones that don't get the warm family embrace they were expecting. Others will suggest that they are undesirables who should be packed off to places like Detroit. I disagree.

They need to go to the places in this country that have spread the widest social safety net. They should be dropped off in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Santa Monica, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Atlanta, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Birmingham, Tucson, Little Rock, Miami, Orlando, Burlington, Portland, Baltimore, New Haven, Boston and Charleston, S.C.

Those are the cities who solidly support every Democratic Party initiative and reliably vote for them every single time. I'm sure they'll extend a helping hand to new immigrants without English or any discernible skills but who are willing to work for almost any low wage in jobs on or off the books.

The kids are going to gravitate to the major cities because there is very little support available in the little cities and mostly what's going to happen is that they are going to change the cities long before the cities change them because the big cities no longer serve as the core of what was once the essence of being American. The big old cities exist now almost purely for all out racial and class warfare.

I spent a little time working the southern border. There is nothing there that would have kept me out or from returning as many times as it took to establish residency here if I born in Latin America. At least here in America one has a chance to become a kulak if not something better. This is still the land of opportunity. That's not the case south of the border.

I don't really expect it to go on too much longer here. We've been seeing politicians and the Justice Department dismiss the rule of law as meaningless and asking, "what difference does it make now?" I happen to think that the rule of law was the only thing that separated a great country from pestilential 3rd world shit-holes. First there had to be respect for the law and second, the law must not bring itself into disgrace, abuse and oblivion. Our politicians, bureaucrats and judges have managed a trifecta of evil and destroyed all respect for the law.

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