Tuesday, June 10, 2014


He was prematurely counting on these guys
Brand New Democrats Signal Approval for House Majority Leader Cantor
to vote for him after he thoroughly despised, trashed and discarded the people who sent him to Congress as their Representative.

I keep hearing the media elites telling us that the Taxed Enough Already Party is dead. I know that word doesn't mean what they think it does.

The only people more disconnected from reality than the White House, the Senate, Congress and the Media, are people who really think anybody gives a crap about Rethuglicans. A lot of media and inner beltway types think that being fed up with Congress is no reason not to keep sending the same losers back to office. If you consider that our Executive and the Executive Branch Agencies and bureaucrats, and the Courts, are ruling by decree with ZERO input from Congress, does it really matter if the toads who got us here return to office?

Standing by for a judge to invalidate the election or for the winner to be shot to death by police during another one of their typical "no knock, warrantless executions" where they accidentally target the wrong house and shoot everything inside to death, accidentally.

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