Thursday, June 12, 2014


There used to be a low level movement that did support immigration reform. It was back in the 80's and early 90's when Americans started to wake up and see that the fruits of America were ripe for the picking. Americans finally understood that labor was just as mobile as capital and just as willing to relocate to the farmland in California as capital was willing to relocate out of Hong Kong.

There was a move by Congress to get ahead of mob and while they allowed as how they supported immigration controls along the old lines, perhaps we should provide amnesty to the ones that slipped, unaccountably, over the southern border in the meantime. They promised us that they heard our demand to, first: secure the borders so the flood stops and only then talk about legalizing aliens.

Congress and the Administration did what they always do. They lied.

Now we see it again because everything new is old again. OK, maybe I got that backwards. Anyway, we now hear Congress (damned nearly all of them) argue that we should impose more immigration reform (as if we have been enforcing ANY of the rules for immigration). The word out of TASS and PRAVDA is that we need to do something to get ahead of the mass migration.

Immigrants flood into Texas
Thousands of immigrant youths struggle to enter Arizona
When the politicians were lying to us way back then, they promised to put in place some really meaningful border barriers that were going to reduce the "trickle" to none-at-all. The Rethuglicans said they'd support amnesty if the Administration put in place a border fence that actually controlled immigration. The Administration and Congress and the bureaucrats all lied and said, "sure."

Now they want to do it again. I understand the desire to live here. I live here. My main problem with the lame excuse for a border control is that we don't have one. The people pictured above could literally walk across the border today and nobody would lift a finger. The Administration and the federal agencies that exist for one purpose only, to control the border, stopped enforcing the laws years ago.

You see, if it is more dangerous here, they can scream the sky is falling and move to seize guns, throw dissenters into jail, spy on everyone...It's kind of what they do. They keep creating the circumstances that allow them to perpetuate their desires.

God knows they don't even make an effort on the border anymore.


Buck said...

I "wintered over" in Brownsville, TX back when I was doin' that RV thing. I used to ride this really, rilly nice dirt road that ran along the banks of the Rio Grande, and ride it fast. So, one day I'm blasting along the dirt road, come sliding around a corner at speed and see this Border Patrol SUV parked in the shade under a tree with both occupants sound asleep. Until I woke 'em up, and then it was all lights and sirens as they came after me. I didn't get a ticket but I sure as Hell got hassled to the maximum extent allowed.

I wish I would have taken a picture of that... our Border Patrol, in action.

Anne Bonney said...

Thank you for the cold chill that ran down my spine as I read this post.