Friday, June 13, 2014


It is hard to pay attention anymore to the weather.

Just think of all the supposedly sane people out there who believe that we can "fix" the Earth if we send enough money to Washington, DC and let the capitalists use it to repair the planet. Remember the folks in DC who thought a war in Iraq and 12 years of nation building was going to "fix" Iraq? Yeah, same bunch thought the same thing about Afghanistan. The new bunch took four years to write a simple computer program that they demanded we use in order to get mandatory insurance. Now they have a plan to make the Earth better. They just need your money.

I'm a lot smarter than people in Washington who did things like buy GM. If you really want to save the Earth, send me your money. I promise that my planetary repairs will be five times more effective than anything out of Washington or the United Nations. I guarantee it.*

*Money back in 179 years if you're not completely satisfied with the repairs.

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