Monday, June 9, 2014


There is an interesting lesson that we are about to see unveiled in Utah where a cop who declined to work the Gay Pride Festival has been placed on administrative leave pending dismissal from the Force.

Police routinely shoot unarmed innocent civilians just about every time cops open fire. The ones they don't kill, they wound. Less than 1% of the police involved are ever fired much less held accountable for these random murders.

Evidently the police are more willing to tolerate cops who kill innocent unarmed people they find peacefully in their homes when they smash in the wrong door, than a cop who flunked the test of Political Correctness. I could buy an argument that Police must follow orders, but if that's the case, are the police who kill innocent unarmed people following orders?

When did it become the rule that the police have a paramount right to kill people for no reason?
All cops are OK with killing you if that makes it safe for them. We should do something about that. In any society that enjoys the rule of law, this sort of thing would not happen twice.

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