Monday, June 2, 2014


Genius is relative. You don't know.

Snowden fooled the NSA totally and completely? They lay back and spread their legs and opened up all the sources and methods they want you to know about....And now the bad guys know that keeping the Drones off them is really not going to happen. Fuck with US and die. That's a worthy goal and it cost us nothing. The sources and methods here can no longer be compromised. They are ubiquitous. There is no way around them.....yet.

Was the private lost in Afghanistan an ultra deep cover operative working for the NSA who tagged all those losers and in a couple of months we'll be reading about how the micro-sweat he left in their dank worlds serves as a homing beacon for Tomahawks?

Can't you see it? American pee as a fire control system for our Drones. The new NSA motto, "We know where Americans have been!"

OBL and his fellow muslim terrorists should be afraid.

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