Monday, June 30, 2014


Hot Air has a post up about the IRS thing. It's mostly useless but I did enjoy this little truth peeping bashfully through the prose:
In fact, an objective assessment of the Republicans conduct over more the course of the 14 months since this scandal broke has been relatively apolitical, especially considering that the IRS is charged with executing a partisan vendetta against conservatives. By and large, members have avoided bombast and overreach in pursuit of the facts surrounding the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.
What I find improbable is that anybody at Hot Air thinks that Republicans and Conservatives are anything at all alike these days. One is a democrat in a bad suit with a residual sense of shame and the other believes in the Constitution. Why would even a democrat with a sense of shame be outraged that the IRS was used to hound the enemies of both Republicans and Democrats? All the democrats that I know rejoice that the all the tools of the State are being turned against the enemies of the State.

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