Monday, June 16, 2014


You know how even a broken clock is right twice a day? Watch and listen to the Commander-in-Chief as he baldly says something that I dearly wish the previous CINC had said right after our forces destroyed Iraq and drove Hussein from power. Obama summed up the reality of the situation on the ground, not just in Iraq, but throughout the muslim Middle East. No external force applied to their countries will ever do anything to bring these savages into the 20th century and it was, and is, a futile waste of time, money, blood, and lives to try.

The men who advised Bush that the United States had an obligation to "fix" Iraq after we won the war, should be hounded out of every little sinecure they lined up in the aftermath of a policy that was doomed from the start to fail. Honestly, nobody puts aside their sectarian differences over there. Not once in all of recorded history have they even tried.


Buck said...

Well, OK. Obama is right this time. When was the OTHER time?

HMS Defiant said...

He got every liberal and every democrat to vote for him based on his experience.

Other than that? I can't think of a thing.