Thursday, June 5, 2014


When I was young I believed that the Washington Post and New York Times were papers of record and that they could be relied upon to deliver facts, then I turned six. Anyway, I culled this from the Washington Post.
For many, Rice remains best known for her role in the controversy surrounding the deadly 2012 attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya.
Days after the assault, she was dispatched to five Sunday talk shows to make the case that the onslaught on a U.S. compound was spontaneous and spurred by anger over an anti-Islam video — a CIA-crafted talking point that turned out to be wrong.
The author of this hagiography simply announces that it was the CIA who crafted Rice's talking points and notably, got it wrong. Do even morons believe that the CIA generated the stupid and pathetic lie about some lame movie causing an armed attack on our consulate and the murder of 4 Americans?

Two things concern me about this. Is Rice stupid and gullible enough to believe the fantasies she spun on the talk shows and if she knowingly spouted those lies, how could anyone ever believe anything she says in the future? Is that who you'd want as the National Security Advisor? I'm a little concerned about our foreign policy team. This is what Rice is concerned with according to the same article:
These days, Rice has been keeping a list of issues at risk of being ignored: a trade agreement with Asia-Pacific nations, development projects in Africa, protecting gay rights overseas.
Nothing screams national security like gay rights overseas. On the other hand, I found it in the Washington Post and I don't think you can actually believe anything they print.

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