Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Worth a moment of your time. It's the world as it was once.

A British Soldier with his back turned to enemy prisoners on the beach at Normandy. Imagine doing that to our enemies today. OK, you don't have to imagine that. That's policy.

Evil has many henchmen. Go ahead and refer to muslims as hand-maidens of evil, as I do. When you ever think to wonder what caused real lasting hurtful damage to people, consider what we did to these people and the Japanese. Contrast our treatment of muslims in your own way. We didn't nuke or incinerate their women and children out of hand.


Buck said...

I almost posted a link to that Guardian article today. The "then and now" thing is some brilliant technology.

HMS Defiant said...

I've been seeing it now for about 12 years. The overlays are impressive. It would be interesting to see if anybody can do it for places like Detroit and Cleveland. They were two of the richest cities in the world in their heyday and now the one is a ruin and the other is the Cleveland Clinic. I'll have to check out the library which is awesome in its own right.