Saturday, January 25, 2014


Spotted on a car in front of me. The young lady no doubt thinks she's a very proper model of a liberal mind set free to roam the cosmos of this enlightened age if only she could stamp out the little cockroaches and deniers and t people.

News is free. It is either true or untrue but mostly its shades of truth. Some like the darker bits on top and some like them on the bottom or maybe arranged vertically. Either way though, who the hell thinks they have a right to tell you to turn off the news? Seriously, you see what you want to see.


  1. I suppose the young lady watches MSNBC, with that insufferable cow Maddow. But hey! Chacun à son goût‎.

    1. Yep but one would think they'd have enough sense of self preservation to scan all the news rather than just stay within the lines. How else are they really going to know the enemy when they see one?