Wednesday, January 8, 2014


If the Secretary of Defense jumped out from behind a bush tomorrow and offered me a job as an actual U.S. Air Force General, I'd decline on the spot. I realize that I am not suited for such a dismal and horrific honor. I chanced upon this article in Popular Mechanics about a disgraced Air Force General's last interview. I read both the article and this report below which was linked there:

which somehow has found its way into the innertubes. The general, it appears, drinks, likes women, and smokes cigars. THAT BASTARD!!!

In addition to that trifecta of immorality, the Ms. claimed that the general was late and drunk and rude, possibly while engaged in drinking 25 toasts at one dinner at which the Russian Federation was NOT pushing alcohol.  In my experience, the General was always where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be there and wearing the appropriate uniform. If it sometimes appeared otherwise to outside observers that was only because they didn't understand the rules. Only the Air Force would goon that up and proclaim that the general was late or indisposed.

I did JAGMANs as a younger man and the reports never ventured into such hysterical paroxysms of outrage as what the Investigator did as when it learned that even though the Colonel had told the General's aide that he might need up to 3 hours for the deposition, the General had to stop after an hour to reschedule an appointment. That dirty rotten BASTARD!!!

I have a theory. The USAF has been so sissified that a single sip of beer lays them flat out under the table. They have no resistance to alcohol, smoke or good looking women since they never experience any of that on the job. And should you wonder at the intemperance of my language, try reading the Air Force Inspector General's report. It reads like Kim Jong Un's investigator's report on Kim's late uncle. You know; the one that was recently torn to pieces and eaten by 120 starving dogs.

Seriously, Chuck. You can take that job and shove it.


Buck said...

"Not Your Father's Air Force," indeed. It is to weep.

On that 25 toasts at a banquet thing... I had the dubious honor of doing bid'niz in the former Evil Empire back in the '90s, a deal that took me to Moscow twice for an aggregate of about six weeks on the ground there. Long story short: I had NEVER seen as much alcohol consumed in the course of official duties in my life. One of my team members remarked to me on the plane home "I'm glad we left when we did. Another week or two and I would've needed a liver transplant." He wasn't far off the mark.

virgil xenophon said...

Guys, go read my late-to-the-party comment on the 17 Dec "Undertow" post--I think it appropriate here as well..

HMS Defiant said...

Well, me and the Evil had an agreement. If they left me alone, I'd leave them alone. They did so I did. I never made it there and don't really plan to go. I'd like to see the Winter Palace and St. Petersburg but I don't think there is anything in Moscow worth going for.

HMS Defiant said...

It's sad to watch. I could feel something as it happens and wonder, is this it? Is this how a military empire really does fall into inevitable decline? It's easy to hear the voices shouting that, "no dum dum, all old farts feel like the world is going to hell," but I think this is not the case. The City States of Greece declined and vanished away after Alexander. The Romans withered and perished utterly from the earth after the fall of Rome. A mere 70 years ago, Great Britain, Japan and Germany waged war with millions of men under arms and now they can't scrape up 300,000 between them. They each decided, in the circumstances, that they didn't need a military anymore and they did away with it.

We'll see.

Buck said...

@Virgil: Noted. Done. Added two cents, as well.