Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Cuba as you find it. It's always fascinating that so many people blame America for the communists failure to take off economically and become well fed productive makers of the world's goods rather than consumers. Michael Totten shows the world what progressive politics earns society and those who are born to a world made better by Statists.
The bit with the cows is fascinating. It looks like progressives have put Cuba's few remaining cows on a diet. They are not happy cows.

The way progressive socialists in America carry on about Cuba you would think it is paradise and the only reason it is a little screwed up is because one country out of 192 other countries in the world has refused to trade with it. One. Country. There's one other place that America doesn't trade with. It's another progressive paradise stuffed with virtuous hard working peasants. It's the one you cannot see at night because it's dark there. Very dark.

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