Friday, January 17, 2014


The man who spent 10 hours in hospital being probed by police and men in white coats has settled his law suit against the lawmen for $1.6 million. He also sued the men in white coats and the hospital that carried out this bit of in-depth law ordered probing. Those suits continue. I wonder if the hospital is a little worried now. They probably think they can eat the cost of the lawsuit but they probably expected to lay it off against the county and city for ordering them to do it. Now they stand alone. So do the men in white coats.

I'd have some little smidgeon of sympathy for the hospital and doctors involved were it not that the stupid morons sent the man they raped a bill for services rendered.

Nobody has been fired or sanctioned but we never expected that.


Buck said...

I'm with you about the bill. THAT was over the top.

HMS Defiant said...

I wonder at their persistence. 10 hours, enemas, multiple colon prodding and they got away with it clean. I don't know how any community worthy of the name can keep clowns that did something that egregiously stupid on the payroll. The tax payers get shafted and if the hospital survives, everybody has to pay more now because of jackasses that did that. It's the vicious stupidity of it that bugs me so much.

Buck said...

Again: yup. There's stupid, there's "stuck on stupid," and then there's vicious stupidity. After this thing is all over I hope the victim is the new owner of the hospital and the land it sits on.

virgil xenophon said...

Willing accomplices in the totalitarian impulse..