Thursday, January 23, 2014


If one were to try to think of 10 things a sovereign government could do that are so impossibly stupid they defy belief, I'm pretty sure Greece would place at least 4 times in the top 10. The latest ridiculous outrage today is that a terrorist sentenced to multiple life terms for attacking and killing British and American businessmen, diplomats, foreigners and a total of 23 people was released from prison on furlough for a week and failed to report back to finish out his multiple life sentences.
In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said the United States is “very closely engaged” with Greek authorities about finding Xiros.
“We’re obviously deeply concerned that this convicted terrorist remains at large and is now allegedly issuing renewed calls for violence. ... We continue to call on the (Greek) government to do everything they can to locate him and return him to prison.”
They are now offering a reward for information leading to his recapture. They're offering 4 million Euros to whoever helps locate him so the idiot Greeks can let him go on furlough again next year. That's 4 million Euros they'll have to borrow from their banks and Europe's banks because the government doesn't have it.

So my question is, does the NSA get to keep the money or do they have to give it back? I mean, they obviously know where he is hiding and he's a foreigner. Win win, right?


  1. "Deeply Stupid" does not even BEGIN to plumb the GODS!

    1. Yep. When you decide to let someone serving multiple life sentences out of jail on a furlough you meant to turn him loose on society. Deliberately.