Tuesday, January 21, 2014


As long as the reactors stay online we have plenty of energy and can continue to make water forever. If for some reason the reactors drop offline we have plenty of coal and can make electricity to power the desalination plants and distilling plants.


San Onofre nuclear power plant is offline and has been dismantled? The California Air Resources Board wants all the coal fired power plants in California to shut down? Really? Well, so not a problem. We still have all the hydro-electric stations not to mention all that hot air.

Say.... do we actually make any water in California at all? It's not like they use any of that electricity to make so much as a single drop of water even using all the waste heat off their current power stations. You might wonder why they can't even manage that and the answer won't surprise you. When desalinating seawater one keeps the fresh water and discards the brine which is just a tiny bit saltier than the sea, back into the sea. Unfortunately, that is the where the vipers known as the California Coastal Commission live and regulate and they won't let anyone pour salt into the sea.


  1. Nice bit o' sarc there, Curtis. I see we're down to "severe" status now and I suppose that's a good thing. We've either been in Extreme or Severe drought for the whole ten-plus years I've been living on The High Plains o' NM.

  2. The problem as I see it this time for California is that they have sent out the shamans and witch finders and now they send in the clownpolice. When CA declares a drought emergency they have let it go too far and will be in truly dire straits if water does not appear from somewhere. They're not averse to stealing it.
    Now we'll see how much the little fishies matter and whether so much as a drop flows to the Imperial Valley in spite of ownership rights.
    The amusing thing is that the idiots contaminated a lot of the wells and ground water by putting MBTE in their gas for the cleanity of it.