Wednesday, August 1, 2018


I noticed the paint on the walls. It was the standard Army color for hospitals and other buildings of WWII era construction. It was an altogether no good color. Growing up in the old Army it was everywhere. I think finding it in the dentist's office forever cemented sea green in my mind.


Larry said...

I remember the same color circa 1968 in USAF hospital at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. I'd swear it was in the hospital at NAS Pensacola circa 1972 (at least in the crowded hallways where dependents were stacked in line), whereas most everything else was haze gray, but my memory may be faulty there.

HMS Defiant said...

In 1968 in Alaska you stood an excellent chance of being treated in hospital by my x father-in-law who was drafted out of doctor school and sent to Alaska, so was one of my uncles. My x father-in-law told amusing stories of being sent to the Kenai peninsula to treat the natives, all of whom had VD and were interested in sharing it with airmen. I still find it amazing that all my uncles did involuntary servitude simply because they graduated from medical school