Monday, August 20, 2018


I wonder who is keeping an eye on Obama and Jarrett as they plot their next attack on the Constitution and the destruction of America in their secret Georgetown bunker. History is littered with examples of leaders and wannabe dictators retreating from view before suddenly re-emerging and taking back the power that they feel is rightfully theirs. Hugo Chavez is famous for repeated lunges at power in Venezuela. Of course, the military had a chance to keep Venezuela from going the way of Cuba and Cambodia but they blew it and let Chavez go.

I don't really doubt that Obama and Jarrett are busy plotting his return to power or possibly her election. It's not outside the bounds of reason. After all, the people elected a first term useless Senator from a corrupt state as President just 2 years into his first term in any elected office. I can see the twisty little communists even now rounding up legal teams to challenge the 22nd Amendment and have it declared unconstitutional. This is why they wanted Hillary, as useless as she is, to win the election and pack the Supreme Court with the kind of 'jurists' that would go along with the idea of overturning something like the 22nd Amendment as 'unconstitutional' and pave the way for a 3rd Obama term.

Don't think it can happen? Look at California. The Courts have a rich history of overturning various propositions that won the majority of votes in the formerly Golden State.

When you think about it, who out there do you trust to keep an eye on somebody as slippery as those two? Not the FBI. Not the NSA. Not the CIA. Not the DNI. Not the media. There's almost an inevitability to it since there is nobody in any position to fight against it.

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