Wednesday, August 22, 2018


In an ideal world all would,


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HMS Defiant said...

OK. For my two readers. Feedback!!!! Post something. I think this video demonstrated a timeless and awesome in your face about the power of focus. I watched it as live as it gets on the internet during those olympic games and thought it was awesome. The one youtube down was even better. I am a misplaced Bohemian artist and always will be. I can live and die with that but I was never Victorian.
Back then I could do a forward flip or one and a half but the one thing I never did was a back flip.

I suppose, on the gripping hand, that maybe this was ephemeral. For just an instant you are the very epitomy of style and grace and then it fades away.

Speaking of that I'm going to watch a link a friend sent for Much Ado About Nothing. When it came out I fell instantly in love with Hero. All things considered, it really is too bad she aged into a shrew.