Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I saw those words in the comments of some blog I read today and found them to be useful to describe what is now going on as the not-so-mythical Deep State continues to do everything in its power to carry out a coup and remove President Trump and disenfranchise the rest of us. I don't see how this is going to end since there is no clear path to victory for either side.

Silicon Valley tech companies and home to many of the internets tools and resources is relentlessly totalitarian in their demeanor and behavior. They have all elected to wage war on the 64 million people that voted for President Trump and  they are using all the means at their disposal to deplatform and shut down everything from comment to actual banking services for businesses engaged in 2nd Amendment trade and sales.

The Courts are being handled as expeditiously as Republican Senators ever did anything useful in the last 60 years but there is still an enormous amount of ongoing damage that comes through the courts and impacts negatively the lives and well-being of people who voted for President Trump.

Hollywood is still fully engaged in trying to overturn the election and is doing everything in their power to shut down the right and cover it with slime. Their allies in Antifa are still working to provoke a fight that will ultimately end very badly for them when people who currently engage them simply give up and bring a gun to the pipe and club fests that pass for anti-hate street demonstrations.

Life is going to be interesting for awhile as things sort themselves out but the war is going to be a long one and it won't be pretty.

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