Saturday, August 25, 2018


I used to drive in California. I had business that took me through Santa Monica and up the coast to Port Heuneme. At the time I had a 328i convertible and yes I drove with the top down. I also had business in San Jose and yes, took the starlit road north well after the sun had set. I loved driving long after other people were in bed. There was a majesty in simply stopping in the grapevine or even down on the flat central valley and gazing up at the milky way.

You could see the same thing from anywhere else but the dark was especially dark in the valley. Nobody lived there.

For about 10 years I used to commute on weekends between San Diego and San Jose/Emeryville/Treasure Island. It killed my RX-7 but the VW bus was the absolute bomb. I put a comfy chair in the bus and I would stop and spend hours at Big Sur and watch the world go by or look up with binoculars at the milky way above.

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