Tuesday, August 28, 2018


I don't watch TV. Ever.That said, I just now watched the words drip from the lips of a vile Peter Strzok in his testimony to Congress.
I once dealt with men like him.
No I wouldn't give him access to COMSEC
No I wouldn't have given access to firearms under my control
No, I would never have given him the benefit of the doubt.

I find it incredible that the the FBI gave him any clearance at all or promoted him to the top of the FBI. We really need to work on just how civilians get promoted in organizations because it is clearly defective.


Anonymous said...

I can't watch Strzok without "seeing" Mr. Bean, the television character.

Blue Tile Spook

HMS Defiant said...

You know you keep referencing my flooring on first ship which was also a flagship, and we had SSES right outside my stateroom. Now I know guys worked in that space 4 feet to the right of the door to my stateroom. I never saw or heard anyone enter or leave the space except a couple of my AC&R guys who went in to fix their package 5 ton AC.

What I found more odd was coming out of my stateroom and finding a guy I did not know who was wearing a bathrobe. Turns out he was an Air Force Colonel and Forward Headquarters Element of CENTCOM. 1985 was a very different world. I think the NAVCENT hq is probably up to over 7000.

On the SIPR web site of 6th Fleet VADM Uhler had a permanent paste item. In 1946 there were 18,000 navy movements through europe that were oversen by the 3 dozen or so 6th fleet staff, In 1996 there were 18 moves through the 6th fleet area overseen by 6000 staff.

When I worked at NAVCENT for Admirals Red and Fargo there were no more than 50 of on the staff. When I went back in 2007 there were about 3400.

Anonymous said...

I worked with creatures like this at State. You couldn't trust one of them. Their integrity and honor had been ripped from them as price of their admittance. They never had an original thought, thought of nothing but self promotion which involved ass licking to an extreme degree. Best thing that ever happened to me was when I retired. I am convinced God made State because he was practising to make hell.

HMS Defiant said...

Ouch. I hardly dealt with State. They were content to leave me and my issues to the: Myrmidons they permitted to work in our embassies.

HMS Defiant said...

On that note I will say for the vacuum that is the internet. My cousin who I like and respect was an ambassador shortly after the collapse of the USSR in one of the stans. His embassy was a hotel suite in a little place that not even dyed in the wool democrats would think of biking to.