Thursday, August 30, 2018


I could not do the job Gowdy did. I sometimes get lost in watching Trey Gowdy. He rips the very heart out of the people who come to testify in front of him. They're the agents of evil and vile. He very skillfully evicts all aspects of virtue from the scum that come before him. I would not hesitate to give testimony to him because I honor the truth and would not dream of prevaricating. We as citizens of our Republic would probably all be better off if somebody just pointed a gun at the heads of any person who testified to his committee and shot them. I wonder if Maxine or that other idiot have you tube followers who would say the same. Gowdy is a man of focus. Yes, as I think of it those words come from the movie John Wick which I might well watch again tonight. I used to be a man of focus. I maintained it for 30 years and then I lost it. I have found it again. The movie was well done, enough. This scene though, it still speaks as loud as it ever did.


Anonymous said...

Goody is a great interrogator but he fails to get results. He was responsible for the Benghazi investigation and he failed. I think is has a formidable intellect but he sold his soul to the swamp.

HMS Defiant said...

Like almost all them he sold his soul to be 'colegial' to the devils and demons. What we need is somebody to just walk in one day with a flame thrower. I suspect that one could smuggle an enormous fire breathing dragon any night of the week. All one has to do is wait unti all the security guards go home at the end of their shift.

I used to counter terror and it always amazed me when the people doing security simply went home at night. If it ever crossed their mind that anybody could slip in after dark and leave a bomb about he same size as an Abrams tank it never occured to them to speak of it. 99% of the government share that mindblowing idiocy.

From the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a ravenous beast so stupid it thought if it could not see you you could not see it. just from closing your eyes.