Thursday, August 30, 2018


All things considered by, and as an officer and a man

Speaking as a Navy Captain, I'd be honored to be barred from Senator McCain's funeral.

He ran for president as a total fake republican party candidate and I wouldn't vote for him in California. Quite seriously, that utter shitbag Obama was preferable to McCain.

As a politician he was a nasty piece of work. As a man he was a total scumbag.


tsquared said...

I voted libertarian instead of McCain or Obama. I could not bring myself to vote for that dirtbag.

Trump was not in my top 5 of the republicans who were initially running. When it came time I did vote for him. So far he has done a good job. If he can clean the swamp a bit more I would be happier.

HMS Defiant said...

Me tooj and I agree. Every breath he takes offends nearly to death every democrat I know. I could grow to like him just for that.

Anonymous said...

McStain abandoned his wife and family to marry for millions. He never met someone he couldn;t betray, backstab, or belittle.

He was a wee, little man.

capt fast said...

but can you tell us how you really feel about McShit as a man?