Tuesday, August 28, 2018



Anonymous said...

The thing that makes my stomach turn, is that as bad as this is, as corrupt and self serving and partisan as these supposed public servants are, as horribly and one sided that these investigations were run, as much damage was done to the United States by the willful disclosure of classified information and then the coverup and sanctification of their preferred political candidate and then an all out attack on their political enemies by entire government agencies...As bad as all of this is, two things are worse.

1. At this point, knowing just how bad our FBI, CIA, IRS and others were corrupted, the realization that we do NOT yet know the whole truth, or the worst that has been done or is planned to be done.

2. And even worse than that is seeing every day as this slowly dribbles out, that a group of people so important to a free Republic that they are specifically mentioned in the Constitution, the Press. And the most sickening part of all is that they have chosen sides, and they have chosen to stand with Hillary and all who serve her.

MSG Grumpy

HMS Defiant said...

The very nature of the medium gives breath to the Bill of Rights. I think the scum of the universe get full rights to say any damned thing they want and about 0% of the FBI will take note. The rest of us don't have that grace. They'll leap on us like we were on fire.

Not here, but I don't usually make a habit of being mean. In order to do that I throttle the things I would say if I was ever let loose in public. Yes, it rarely happens.

I turned on a 17 year old computer. I wanted to post a picture of me in service dress blues wearing some other guys medals sitting in the magazine of USS Constitution.

I keep telling myself that someday i'll unlock the secret to getting those photos out of an.ix.netcom account.