Wednesday, August 8, 2018


These days when I think of democrats I no longer think of them as concerned educators, slightly left wing professors, working class members of unions and the sort of American I would be proud to stand alongside. Nope. These days when I think of the Democratic Party all I see now is Hillary Clinton urging this country into an abyss far worse than Venezuela or Cuba and I think of the scumbags who call themselves anti-fa while dressed as commie thugs of the first water. I think of the vicious and stupid black lives matter scam who don't seem to give a damn if blacks kill each other in record numbers in the major cities of this country and I think La Raza is surely one of the most vile and racist organizations to run around loose in this country since the KKK was put down.

The entire democratic party scheme to take over and rule America seems to boil down to calling every single person who disagrees with them a racist, a bigot a misogynist and a troll. I don't think that's a very positive image and doesn't bode well for the country when one half has decided it has the right and the duty to run the other half out, lock them up or kill them. Given the power, they would do to us what South Africa's government just did to the remaining white farmers.

I dislike the long trends (media ownership and collusion, take over of education, government unions etc.) that have prevailed in this country and have begun to actively hate the new trend that sees every single one of America's new tech pioneers in California using every means at their disposal to 'disappear' any and all voices of reason that simply have the belief that they are as entitled to share the benefits of the 1st Amendment as anybody else in this country. All the Silicon Valley tech giants are colluding to lay waste to the 1st Amendment and people act as if there is no harm and no foul in letting a handful of socialists control who is allowed to speak in this country.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HATE SPEECH. In America there is only FREE SPEECH. This has been corrupted by the people pushed by the likes of Soros to overrule the Constitution and punish people for wrongspeak. George Orwell would be shocked that the left has taken his book 1984 as a playbook and are using every tactic they can find to shut down, vilify, crucify and disappear the opposition. Nonetheless, I'm going to remain in the opposition to the so-called resistance losers who refuse to accept even the idea that there are rules to civilized behavior and beyond that, rules for civilization itself.

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Spot on!