Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Mike Mullen shows the true nature of the Admiralty. We let the shit float to the top and run the navy.


capt fast said...

so at this point what does this matter, exactly the response from USSofS that i expected. if we had a nuclear attack, instead of counterstrike the same statement would have been uttered.

capt fast said...

my take on all this is the Dems want it to all disappear and never be looked at again. if some government officials would go to jail for what happened, it would all "disappear and go away" but telling everyone it never happened is stupid. we are not blind. lady justice got eyes down here. we want her ass in jail.

HMS Defiant said...

The rain has finally come. It is pouring outside my window. And the thunder is there. I was watching first episode of Saving Grace and remembered why I think it was quite the best show ever televised.

I despise congressmen in general. Gowdy, I don't see why he doesn't binrg a .45 to the office so he can shoot liars like Comey et al. My father used to testify to Congress. They made a movie about it. Me, I'd have to shed weapons beyond concealment to make it into the House,

I walked over the bridge in Cleveland and actually handed a locked knife, a kindle, an ipod an iphone and my handkerchief, carefully concealing the blade within. He was totally obvlivious. Given the fact that most of the armed people in DC are roughly in the 80th percentile for smarts, walking a gun by them would be a stroll in the park. I used to carry not one but two 9mm on transpack airlines from JAL and KAL. I woudln't fly northest on a bet.

Hillary belongs in jail for at least 10 years. She most egregiously violated our espionage laws. Knowing the pair, I am pretty sure Bill would arrange to have her die shortly after she entered.

Truth to be told, I'm not really sure who the killer was of the two. I think it was her though. On balance, Bill had charm and could make things vanish by charm. She doesnt' have charm. She was always a remora.

HMS Defiant said...