Monday, October 19, 2015


Glenn Reynolds has a modest tax proposal.
It’s already too late to stop global warming, say scientists. No matter what we do, sea levels willrise. Some climate activists have even released an interactive map that will let you see how much of, say Washington, DC, will be under water in the next century, with the flooded zones depicted in blue. (Not all of it, alas).
 Well, if it’s too late to stop global warming, I have a modest proposal instead: Tax the blue zones. That is, minimize the damage that will occur from flooding many decades in the future by reducing development now.
 Climate activists say that between 20 million and 31 million Americans live in places that will be at risk of flooding from global warming by the end of the century. Just to be safe, I think we should aim to reduce the number of people living in these areas by 25% within 25 years, 50% within 50 years and, naturally, 100% by the end of the century.

I'm going to be all broken up if Alexandria floods and we have an east coast Venice in America. And so far as sinking Florida, "oh my God, the manatees, the manatees!"

I'm sure the fixers never saw that coming.

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