Thursday, October 15, 2015


In the old days, prospective ambassadors were called into the Secretary's office and asked to point at the country they represented. Most of them spun the globe and pointed to the country they were being sent to instead of to the United States. No more. Now nobody in the State Department works for the United States. They're all out there feathering their nests with money they "earn" doing business on the side for everybody except the United States. Here's the Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Clinton explaining/justifying her outside job while woring for the State Department,
“The UAE’s culture is very different than ours,” she told the Post.
“We had to have extensive discussions and negotiations to step through how this university could exist consistent with their framework, how we ensured the right protections for faculty and for students as they did their work. 
The revelation comes amid heightened scrutiny on the work arrangements for Clinton’s former top aides. 
In addition to Mills, longtime Clinton confidante Huma Abedin also received permission to work for an outside firm while employed at the State Department. Abedin’s decision to split her time between the government and a private consulting firm have led to allegations about a possible conflict of interest. 
In her discussion with the Post, Mills said that did not recall the State Department’s ethics office flagging any questions about her unusual work arrangement.
We could save a great deal of time and effort if we fired the State Department's ethics office and hired Apple to represent us overseas. They, at least, make money the old fashioned way and not as bribes piled on bribes piled on bribes.

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