Thursday, October 29, 2015


I couldn't find last night's debate being live streamed anywhere so I missed what could have been a normal debate where massively biased ignorant pissants question men and women who have actually achieved something with the background and real, marketable skills, the very concept of which, eludes the moderators. It looks like even the candidates had had enough of the micro-aggressing little democratic weasels and turned the tables on them. As usual, any novelty of argument confuses a liberal and they got all surly and upset.

I listened a little to the Diane Reims show this morning and she had three of the liberal progressive democratic snowflakes on to tell us how the debate went last night and they, two of the three, agreed that there was just a tiny tinge of bias but that was simply because conservatives are too stupid to recognize the natural superiority and intelligence of people like Quick and whossnames. It only looked like the three CNBC prima-twitterati were asking biased, stupid, inane questions because conservatives are so shallow they don't realize that the real media moves in depths beyond their comprehension.

Of course, they sucked up the late movie, TURDS TRUTH like it was all real with only the tiniest dash of "fake but accurate" media bias. They're reliable and consistent. I'm just amazed that there were people in Boulder, of all places, to come out and watch the actual debate and applaud the likes of Cruz when he body-slammed the moderators and did the happy dance all over Slow, Slower and Halfwit.

I see the GOP machine is all upset that the NBC moderators turned out to be a steaming vile pile of ignorance and Hillary talking points. (but I repeat myself)  I don't understand why anybody would ever give a dime to the GOP. Talk about "stuck on stupid."

I did a google search for news media logos and this came up. I didn't modify it at all.

UPDATE: GOP ditches the NBC debate scheduled for February. Says it may be stupid but it's not that stupid.  (I'll bet the GOP caves within a month and decides to give NBC back a debate.

There's a network logo missing. Soon CNBC will join CBS and vanish

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