Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It's amusing that people who effect to be able to draw a straight line from 2000 year old tree rings to modern global warming science are unable to clearly see what "Gun Free Zones" imply in a country with almost a billion firearms in circulation. They literally cannot see how they can be safe unless they go to school in a gun free zone. They cannot make that tiny mental quiver that isn't enough to qualify as even the tiniest leap and see that by disarming they invite predators to attack. What is the predator going to lose by attacking defenseless prey?

From the OCR,
Recent school shootings include a mass killing in Isla Vista last year, near the campus of UC Santa Barbara, where a gunman killed six people and injured 14 before committing suicide. 
Christina Sandoval, 24, a senior studying psychology, said she only learned recently that her school was at one point home to the worst mass murder in Orange County’s history. In 1976, a school custodian killed seven people on campus and injured two others. 
“This shooting epidemic is getting pretty bad,” said Sandoval, who noticed a sign at an Orange County movie theater last week that bags may be searched. “I’m so for gun control.”
In the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king. In California they put out that rotten little bastard's eye. 

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