Friday, October 23, 2015


I went for an Autumn walk before winter adds its dimension to walking in MetroParkCentralis. It was a simple uncomplicated walk through the wilderness, downtown and then back up through the lakes. It's a nice place.
Crossing the Stream outbound
Cutting through the Swamp
Management Offices at Think Box
Over the rail look at the Art Museum
Tourists throng the Lagoon
The Artist and his Paraphernalia for recording his Garden 
A Glorious Red Tree in MetroParkCentralis
On Dam Looking Downstream to Bridge
Bloodsucker going after my burned and broken arm
After the Zombie Apocalypse
This is what I missed living all the years in the Middle East and SOCAL. It's not better, it's different.


OldAFSarge said...


Thanks for sharing, Cap'n!

Captain Steve said...

Lovely indeed. Were you armed?

Ex Bootneck said...

You should tread carefully traipsing through such designated woodland, especially around Autumn when artists wander aimlessly with their wheelbarrows of paraphernalia!

The 'Dam Looking Downstream to Bridge’ is your Christmas card pic when it winters up...

HMS Defiant said...

My pleasure.

HMS Defiant said...

It was a beautiful day and I figure I'm way more dangerous than anything I'm likely to meet. The ladybug was determined to sink it's fangs in though. It took several karate chops and backward somersault to send it on it's merry way.

HMS Defiant said...

I'll throw in some pictures of encounters at close range with some large well armed herbivores on these walks. They can appear within 20 feet sometimes. The artist was Monet. We have his triptych here along with many of his other paintings and that was one of the photos in the art museum that I enjoyed as I walked among his paintings and a few by Matisse and Sargent and a few others.

It's a different walk in winter and one tends to only see the smaller wildlife. I keep my camera link to Del Mar Beach running for winter....

virgil xenophon said...

Otherworldly...where exactly WERE the people? Transported to another Dimension by the magnetics of Skynet like in the NZ SyFy film "The Quiet Earth?"

(PS: You really should rent that film and watch--well worth your while and haunting..)

HMS Defiant said...


I'll check out the movie.