Wednesday, October 28, 2015


It was announced today that the Democratic Party has raised the funds to repair and embellish the National Cathedral in Washington DC. As you know, the Cathedral was damaged by a mighty earthquake. The repairs include shipping off the superannuated Dean and replacing him with a high energy exhibit that shows the Church and Party's rededication to their fundamental principles.

Expert negotiations by 'Top Men' in the State Department have led to a deal with the Soviet Union Russia which was recently inked by Vladimir Putin who declared himself foursquare for the dead Romanov's and eager to shed the dead hand of communism. The Hindmost rejoiced at the imminent prospect of livening up the National Cathedral with some light and gaiety and getting a 'messenger' he could agree with about everything.

Yes America, Lenin's Tomb is coming soon to the National Cathedral.

Enter the new Dean of National Cathedral, Lenin on his Palanquin