Tuesday, October 13, 2015


USA Today, a rather pointless and useless paper had an interesting view about the recent islamic caliphate bomb attack on the old caliphate. It wondered, rather obtusely, how this would affect our single most useless NATO ally.
Is Turkey next? The world should be very worried about how that question is answered. The twin bomb blasts in Ankara this past weekend — the deadliest incidents in the modern history of that NATO member and American ally — have all the hallmarks of Islamic State. And by expanding into Turkey, ISIL’s efforts to re-create the ancient Islamic Caliphate would be a dramatic uptick in the stakes and scope of an already expanding conflict.
The attacks come as Turkey is at risk of losing control of stretches of its border areas that have become highways into Syria for ISIL recruits from North Africa and Europe. The flow of jihadists and supplies allows ISIL to pursue its murderous effort to build and protect a new state on the territory of Turkey's neighbors.
The author of the piece misses the fact that Erdogan is no friend of ours or of the West and will be delighted to assume the mantle of the caliph reborn once he exterminates those troublesome Syrians and Iraqis who are letting the cat out of the bag. He's probably already worked something nice out with Putin in that regard.

In so far as Turkey's rights and obligations under the NATO Treaty, when has Obama ever upheld the law of the land? Name one single time when he stood by an ally of the United States. If Erdogan gives us any trouble we'll let him have the 4th Infantry Division to stiffen the Kurdish resistance to the Islamic State and, given the shabby way Turkey dealt with them last time, we'll send them overland from New Jersey so they don't have to worry about getting Turkish permission to get off the ships. It might take some time for them to cross the Atlantic. The Army is not likely to forget that Turkey refused permission for the 4th to land and assault Iraq from the north at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

We have probably had enough of 'moderate' islamic fanatics for awhile. Maybe about a century.

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